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X-posted to ancientegypt , so forgive me if you get this twice. Also, let me know if it's not allowed and I'll nix it. Got some books left over from my degree that I won't be using, and thought people here might appreciate them more.

Prices are all incl. P&P, cos some books are considerably larger than others! Prices for UK delivery are based on first class Royal Mail, and prices abroad are all based on surface mail - let me know if you want an item quicker and I'll charge for airmail instead. I am flexible so if you see a book you want but can't quite afford I'm willing to haggle ;) I accept Paypal, or if you're in the UK, a cheque sent in the post works fine too. 

Books are all in perfect-to-good condition, as I'm a stickler for treating books well!

Village Life in Ancient Egypt: Laundry Lists and Love Songs - A.G. McDowell - £8 UK / £11 overseas
Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt - John H. Taylor - £8 UK / £11 overseas
Life of the Ancient Egyptians - Eugen Strouhal - £7 UK / £10 overseas
Introduction to Sahidic Coptic - Thomas O. Lambdin - £17 UK / £20 overseas
Cultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt - John Baines and Jaromir Malek - £8 UK / £11 overseas

Thanks for looking!

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