http://geolines.ru/netcat_files/18/10/h_f37e6fe9bcd90edb20784083aa0794e4Thanks to that the most considerable constructions of an antiquity were erected on our planet not chaotically and as it became clear, in strictly certain places and according to the uniform project, the latitudes and meridians they set a certain geodetic System by means of which key objects unite in the general network and wonderfully cooperate among themselves.

In this publication we will consider interaction of lines – the Big circles directlyconnecting the Great pyramid (GP) to the main points of System. Lines
which connect GP to Teothiuacan, Uluru, Stonehenge, Tiwanaku, Easter Island, Nan Madol, Baalbek and Angkor, possess many surprising properties. In particular, they are diagonals of the adjacent rectangles formed by crossings of latitudes and meridians of reper points.
The lines connecting GP to key points, set some symmetric combinations and
reveal a number of the unusual regularities once again confirming existence of System in an arrangement of monumental constructions of an antiquity. Systems - carefully planned, thought over and realized with such grace which allows to carry out at the same time a set of various conditions for very limited number of objects.

As always we remind that more visually all regularities can be seen on an interactive map. It is necessary to have Google Earth plug-in.

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KMT magazines for sale (88 issues)

I hope this is okay to post, if it is not would one of the moderators please either delete this or message me?

I have every issue of KMT magazine (1990 - present) that I'd like to sell.  They are in excellent condition.  I am the original subscriber, so I can guarantee that all magazines have been carefully stored in a smoke-free, pet-free home.  Ideally, I'd like to sell as a complete set.  Based on prices I've seen on eBay (as high as $18 per issue) and the cost of replacement issues directly from the publisher ($10-$14 per issue; limited availability, with many early issues no longer in stock), I'd like to get $900 for the lot.  This would not include shipping; I am willing to ship anywhere in the world.

Images of the issues in question can be viewed HERE.
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The Stephen Glanville Memorial Lecture

On Saturday I went to the Stephen Glanville Memorial Lecture, which is an annual lecture on Ancient Egypt organised by the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge - this year the subject was "The Maatian Ideal of Social Justice in Ancient Egypt: A Classical African Conception" and it was given by Maulana Karenga. I've written a post about the talk in my personal journal.