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A community for anyone interested in Egyptology and the studies around it. Feel free to sign up and discuss or contribute.

~~ Egyptology was founded and is maintained by keki ~~

I've grown to be an addict of Live Journal and have also come to
maintain a few communities which include:

1)obituary - Discussion of death and the passing of others.
Founded and previously maintained by kalemachka and wiseblood.

2) egyptology - A forum to relate thoughts and ideas involving the topic.

3) movietalk - A forum to discuss movies and anything related to them.

4) cocteautwins - A place for fans to meet and get to know one another and
discuss life in general along with the music and band itself.

5) gracelandtoo - A real-life shrine to Elvis, located in Holly Springs, TN. It's even better than Graceland.

6) spooky_places - Tell a tale.

7) hp_notions - Express your thoughts and opinions on past and future Harry Potter ideas. What are your theories on storylines?

These communities are open-forum.
Everyone is welcome to join and participate.